TearDrops - New Patterns and Products!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all are having an amazing week!  I am excited to share with you the launch of 3 new designs on our Red Bubble store! These designs feature a teardrop pattern in three different color palettes.

This piece originally started out as a swimming pool illustration and after hours of editing, shifting and resizing, it became this flat 2d graphic of a teardrop. Have you ever started a project with one idea and ended it in a completely different way? Well this would be a perfect example! That being said, I really enjoyed the way this pattern came out. Simplicity is always the best approach and I love the way this graphic remains minimal in its line work and color. 

You can view all three styles on our Redbubble store here. Please let us know your thoughts and which color scheme is your favorite? Thanks guys! 

Tiffany AheeComment